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Reduction of Energy Costs

Constant changes in legal requirements and complicated application procedures require up-to-date information and knowledge, to be able to take advantage of the full energy cost reduction potential.

The restructuring of the German power generation landscape as part of the energy and climate transformation imply ambitious challenges for producing companies. There are various possibilities, especially for energy intensive companies, to reduce these energy costs. However, dynamic legislation and complicated application procedures require constant development of "know-how" to be able to utilize all options for reducing energy costs.

Energy costs consist of the costs of electricity procurement (generation/purchase, sales, profit margin), grid charges, taxes, and other levies and surcharges. There are many approaches to reduce these levies / surcharges and charges by taking advantage of legal reduction options.


Our teams can assist you with the following topics....

Energy Financing Act (EnFG)

Reduction of the KWKG- and Offshore- grid levy.

Electricity tax reimbursement

Tax relief for electricity tax is possible under various conditions of the StromStG (§§ 9a, 9b and 10).

Energy Tax Reimbursement

Energy tax relief is possible under the conditions of §§ 51, 54 and 55 EnergieStG.

§ 19 StromNEV levy

Serves to compensate for lost revenues due to individual network charges; amount of the levy is subject to minor fluctuations. Under certain conditions, electrical end consumers can apply for an individual network charge. .

Electricity Grid Charges Ordinance

Allows reduction for intensive (> 10 GWh / 7,000 VBH), atypical (> 20 % deviation) and singular (own line) grid usage.

Concession fees

Charges levied by municipalities for the right to use public transport routes for building and operating supply lines. The statutory upper limit as a special contract customer is 0.11 ct/KWh.

We would be pleased to be at your disposal as an experienced partner about energy cost reduction. Please let us know if we can support you in this area and if you have any questions.