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Integrated Management Systems

The requirements for quality, safety and environmental protection are becoming increasingly complex and intensify competition. At the same time, many legal requirements must be observed. Effective management systems can help to optimize processes, implement continuous improvement processes, and ultimately meet the expectations of customers, authorities, your own employees, etc. The various ISO management systems can be combined very efficiently and effectively through a clear structuring and thus be easily implemented in your company. As a result, synergies are exploited and time and costs in the company are reduced.


envistra supports you in the implementation of diverse requirements of the management systems, from documentation to the continuous further development of your ISO systems.

No matter which of the following systems you need, envistra has the necessary competencies to implement your management system efficiently and in compliance with standards.

DIN EN ISO 9001 - Quality Management

  • Ensuring consistently high quality
  • Reduction of losses and related costs
  • Meeting customer expectations

DIN EN ISO 50001 - Energy Management

  • Creates transparency in energy flows
  • Increasing efficiency and reducing energy costs
  • Identification of optimization potentials
  • Legal prerequisite for tax and levy reduction (e.g., top tax equalization, EEG levy, BECV levy)

DIN EN ISO 14001/EMAS - Environmental Management

  • Evaluation and improvement of the overall ecological performance of a company
  • Reduction of resource consumption
  • Fulfillment of sustainability expectations of customers and other stakeholders

DIN EN ISO 45001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management

  • Increasing employee satisfaction and health
  • Reduction of occupational accidents and lost working hours
  • Fulfillment of contractual requirements
  • Safeguarding managers by ensuring legal requirements are met

DIN EN ISO 27001 - IT Security Management

  • Reduction of risks and data loss (e.g., hacker attacks, up to disclosure and misuse of confidential information)
  • Improvement of internal data security and handling of confidential information
  • Increased security when networking with other companies and creating trust among stakeholders

A combined system of the mentioned standards increases the efficiency in your company, reduces negative environmental impacts and increases employee satisfaction and health, while maintaining high quality and maximum safety.

We would be pleased to advise you on the background, requirements, and possibilities of the systems to set up an effective and needs-oriented management system together with you.