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Climate Protection and CSR

The Paris Climate Agreement is an important milestone for climate protection and, in relation to this, the German government has set out new measures in the 2030 Climate Protection Program, which includes CO₂ pricing and support measures for energy and resource efficiency in the industry. We therefore recommend, that companies adapt to changing framework conditions at an early stage to remain fit for the future.


With the help of a holistic approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR), companies strengthen their ability to innovate, enhance both their internal and external image, and strengthen their position in the market. This helps to reduce the ecological impact of the own business activities, to save (energy) costs and to meet the growing demands of stakeholders in the area of climate protection.

Our teams support you in the areas of...

CSR and Climate Strategy

In the development of a CSR strategy and a climate strategy.


In the preparation of sustainability reports.

Calculation of your Emissions

We calculate your Corporate Carbon Footprints (CCF) and Product Carbon Footprints (PCF) according to the GHG Protocol and use emission factors from recognized databases (both at the overall company level and for individual products).

Concepts for Decarbonizing your Company

During the decarbonization of your company, the implementation of energy efficiency projects and their promotion will be examined, among other things. See also: energy efficiency and energy metering and applying for subsidies.

Purchasing Green Energy

In the context of energy tenders, special focus can be placed on the purchase of green energy.

We would be happy to assist you as an experienced partner in the field of climate protection and sustainability. Please let us know if we can support you in this area and if you have any questions.