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Numerous European member states are intensifying their efforts to achieve their energy and climate protection targets in a sustainable, innovative, and ongoing manner.

Companies that invest in energy efficiency, self-generation or climate protection can currently benefit from numerous government subsidies and grants. Besides innovation projects, the focus of subsidies is primarily on energy-efficient and climate-friendly technologies. Other key funding topics at EU, federal and state level are business expansions, electromobility and digitalization.

We support you in identifying the best possible funding for your project and thus making your investments economical! Take advantage of our registered subsidy experts!

Mostly it is mandatory to submit a corresponding application for all subsidies before the start of the project. The specifications, scope, and type of application procedure for state funding are sometimes complex. In addition, a registered energy expert is often required for the application.

We accompany our clients along the entire process: from the point of identification of eligible topics, through the application, the review and compilation of necessary evidence, the preparation of project descriptions, feasibility studies and savings concepts, to the proof of use.

Subsidies serve as a government incentive to make efficiency and climate protection projects economically feasible in your company

Here is an abstract of possibilities for (non-repayable) grants:

Climate Protection/CO₂ Reduction.

Climate protection/CO₂ reduction is subsidized with a maximum of 40%.

High-efficiency Plant & Machinery

High-efficiency equipment and machinery (e.g., motors, compressors, pumps) are subsidized with a maximum of 40%.

Cooling & Heat Generation

Refrigeration and heat generation, including networks and storage, are subsidized with a maximum of 40%.

Own Energy Generation

Own energy generation (e.g., CHP, reg. heating systems, solar thermal) is subsidized with a maximum of 50%.

Measurement and Sensor Technology

Measurement technology and sensor technology is subsidized with a maximum of 40%.

Electromobility & Alternative Propulsion

Electromobility and alternative propulsion are subsidized with a maximum of 40%.

Energy Saving Projects

Technology-open energetic optimization (energy saving projects) is subsidized with a maximum of 40%.

Take advantage of our experience now and secure the best possible funding for your project. Contact our experts and together we will find out which subsidies are possible for your project.

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