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The envistra GmbH

is a consulting company specializing in energy cost reduction. The services of envistra GmbH are essentially concretized in projects for rapid and long-term energy cost reduction and contribute signicantly to sustainable corporate development. From our point of view, sustainability and the responsible use of resources regularly combine economic, ecological, and social aspects. For us, the overriding principle of corporate sustainability is to increase competitiveness, ensure healthy growth and safeguard the long-term economic viability of companies.

We actively support our customers in adapting early and comprehensively to changing conditions such as amendments to laws, the finite nature of resources or technological developments and generating competitive advantages.

To meet the dynamics and new requirements of the energy market, we have developed an online platform for electricity and gas tenders, that helps our customers optimize their energy purchasing and reduces energy procurement costs.

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Our Challenges

Increasing demands from stakeholders, customers, business partners and the public, about social responsibility, climate protection, energy efficiency and resource-saving production on the one hand, and economic necessities on the other hand, pose companies with a variety of challenges. Successfully mastering them requires very specialized and in-depth expertise as well as extensive human resources.

Our Approach

envistra GmbH operates across all industries. We are familiar with the challenges of manufacturing companies in numerous sectors. Additionally, we are aware of the resulting potential for efficiency enhancements, reduction of negative environmental impacts, and the opportunities for increasing our customers' profitability. We work with our customers to implement these measures. Beyond the realization of saving potentials, our focus is on working with our customers to develop and implement industry-specific strategies for dealing with increasing demands from stakeholders, customers, economy, and politics.