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Sustainability management

Publishing non-financial information is increasingly demanded by owners, customers and stakeholders. Based on the conversion of the European CSR Directive into German law, the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information is even obligatory for large public-interest entities. In addition, sustainable management, which focuses not only economic objectives but also environmental and social objectives, has a positive effect on companies and supports to remain viable for the future. As business processes and supply chains become increasingly complex, it turns out that the integration of sustainability into the corporate strategy and also the practical realization is multilayered. The envistra team has developed a tried – and – tested approach, which is based on the needs and expectations of clients and concentrates on the essentials.

Our approach usually kicks off with a sustainability check, usually in the form of a workshop. Here, sustainability-related key action fields of the company will be identified. As a result a sustainability strategy will be developed. With its realization opportunities should be exploited and risks should be reduced.

In the second step the sustainability strategy will be integrated into the organizational structure. Because of the inclusion of sustainability in the corporate strategy, the corporate perspective will be adjusted and thereby also the tasks of business function areas such as controlling. Where previously only the economic aspects of controlling were considered, now social and environmental aspects also need to be highlighted. In addition to helping your business developing a sustainability strategy, we are also happy to support you in reviewing and monitoring the sustainability of your entire supply chain.

If the sustainability strategy is anchored into the corporate profile, we recommend to summarize the results in form of a sustainability report. This report can serve as the basis for a dialogue with stakeholders or increase internal awareness. In preparing guidelines, such as those provided by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) or the German Sustainability Code (‘Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex (DNK)’), can be used as orientation.

Anchoring sustainability in your company has a positive effect and will support to remain long-term sustainable.

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