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CO₂ reduction     

The area of CO₂ reduction includes all reduction measures to improve a company’s CO₂ balance/ carbon footprint. Reduction measures could be, for example, switching to green electricity and examining energy efficiency measures.



A credible and transparent communication of climate protection measures is required by almost all larger companies today. Climate protection measures should be created on the basis of reliable data and analyses in order to increase your sense of responsibility towards your stakeholders.


Green energy

As part of a CO₂ balance, you can identify your emission sources and derive reduction measures. One possible option for action is to switch to electricity or gas from renewable energies. With envistrade, we have developed an online platform for electricity and natural gas tenders that you can use to optimize your energy purchase.


Voluntary Reporting     

Voluntary reporting, such as to CDP, forms the basis for ambitious measures towards a more sustainable economy. Disclosing the data helps you to build trust with your stakeholders through transparency.


Sustainability strategy             

Sustainable corporate management that focuses on economic, ecological and social goals helps to ensure long-term sustainability. The CO₂ balance serves as the basis for your sustainability strategy. We are also happy to support you in considering and managing sustainability in your supply chain.


Sustainability reports          

As soon as you can present the first results of your sustainability strategy, we recommend summarizing them in a sustainability report. This report can serve as a basis for the exchange with your stakeholders or to raise internal awareness. The Global Reporting Initiative and the German Sustainability Code (“Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex”) serve as guidelines.


CO₂ compensation       

Despite extensive CO₂ reduction measures in your company, there is always a small amount of unavoidable emissions. We help you to offset this by means of CO₂ compensation by supporting a climate protection project with emission certificates.



We are happy to be at your disposal as an experienced partner on the topics of climate protection and sustainability. Let us know if we can support you in this area and if you have any questions.


Corporate Carbon Footprint      

The Coporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) describes a companys carbon footprint / CO₂ balance. We balance your CCF according to recognized standards (DIN EN ISO 14064 or Greenhouse Gas Protocol). Based on your CO₂ footprint at company level, reduction measures can be derived which will help you to improve your CO₂ balance.


Product Carbon Footprint

The Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) describes the CO₂ balance of a product and its life cycle from raw material extraction to disposal. We balance your PCF according to recognized standards (DIN EN ISO 14064 or Greenhouse Gas Protocol). A distinction is made between the “cradle-to-gate” and the “cradle-to-grave” approach.

Climate Protection & CSR

The German Government has set new measures regarding the Climate Protection Programme 2030 („Klimaschutzprogramm 2030“), which include CO2 pricing and support measures for energy and resource efficiency. Specifically, producing companies therefore will have to adapt to changed conditions at an early stage in order to remain competitive. By adopting a holistic approach to climate protection & CSR, companies strengthen their innovative ability, enhance both their internal and external image and strengthen their market position. In practice a comprehensive approach furthermore can, reduce the ecological impact of the own business activities, saves (energy) costs and meet the growing ecological demands of stakeholders.

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