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Reduction of energy costs

The restructuring of the electricity generation in Germany, as part of the energy transition, places ambitious demands on an efficient network structure. In addition to the expansion of electricity networks, the increased promotion of renewable energies and the EU emissions trading scheme have also led to rising energy costs in recent years. Especially for manufacturing companies, there are various ways to reduce these energy costs. However, dynamic legislation and complicated application procedures require a comprehensive energy cost reduction know-how in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Energy costs consist of costs for electricity procurement (generation/purchasing, distribution, profit margin), network charges as well as taxes and other levies. Specifically the development of the energy market in recent years has led to a significant increase of the share of the incidental energy costs of the overall energy costs for many companies. This becomes very clear by looking at the apportionment for the expansion of renewable energies (EEG apportionment), which has risen from 1.1 ct/kWh in 2009 to 6.792 ct/kWh in 2018 and now constitutes an essential element of the electricity price. For companies of the manufacturing industry this results in a significant increase of the total energy costs, despite investments in efficiency measures.

There are various ways to make significant savings of the incidental energy costs by using legal opportunities. By the team of the envistra GmbH this could already be demonstrated: With our support in recent years intersectoral companies could save a sum in the double-digit million Euro range. Procedures and opportunities always dependent on each company’s individual circumstances. Based on their experience, the envistra team could possibly also help your company to realize significant cost reductions.

Continuous changes of legal requirements as well as complicated application procedures require a constant update of energy related know-how in order to exploit all opportunities.

Reduction of energy costs

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